Tools for Use in the Formative Assessment Process – Social Studies

Formative Assessments for Grades K-5

NEWKLiteracy in Social Studies: Thinking About Families
NEW1Literacy in Social Studies: My Informational Report About Community Workers
4Basic Archaeology - "What’s a Dig?" and "What’s a Midden?" by David White
5"Who was Marco Polo?" by Joan Holub and "The Adventure of Marco Polo" by Russell Freedman

Formative Assessments for Grades 6-8

6COUNTING ON GRACE by Elizabeth Winthrop
NEW8Settling a New World: The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island

Formative Assessments for Grades 9-12

9Mini-assessment for The Manhattan Project Text Set
NEW9-10Speeches - Argument and Methods
9-10Literacy in Social Studies: A Pivotal Moment in the Civil Rights Movement
9-10Literacy -The Power of New Media
NEW9-12Watchdog Reporter
NEW9-12Montgomery Bus Boycott
9-12Civil Rights Movement in Context
NEW11“This Day in History,” “Prayer of Twenty Millions” by Horace Greeley, and “The Union and Slavery” by Abraham Lincoln
11Literacy in Social Studies - Research Paper
11Inaugural Address, 1801 by Thomas Jefferson
11"Is it a Crime for a Citizen of the United States to Vote?" by Susan B. Anthony
NEW11-12Vote for me! A Re-Election Editorial
NEW12Evaluating Gender Equality in Today’s Society: A Critical View
NEW12"Letter To An Elected Official"
12Literacy in Social Studies – The Game of Life