Units – Science

Units for Grades K-5

KLiteracy in Science - We are Experts
KReading Environmental Print
NEW1How Does Light Help Me See Things and Communicate with Others? (v1.1)
1Short Focused Research Project – The Moon
1Informational Text, Research, and Inquiry Circles – Animals and Habitats
NEW2Why Is Our Corn Changing? (v1.0)
2Informational Text - Reading for Inquiry and Writing a Report
2Listening Strand – Cycles in Nature
2Reading and Writing About Whales Using Fiction and Nonfiction Texts
3Extreme Weather: Content Literacy – Science
3Gathering Evidence and Speaking to Others – The Role of Freshwater Around the World
4The Life of Environments
4Be Aware! Be Prepared! – A research project on natural disasters and their impact on our lives
4Building Background Knowledge—Animal Defenses and the Research Process
4Scientific Research – Researching Simple Machines “How Do They Help Do Work?”
NEW5Research Pack – How Human Activity Impacts the Environment
5Reading and Writing Like a Scientist – Observing Nature, Conducting Research, and Creating a Field Journal Entry

Units for Grades 6-8

6Building Evidence-Based Arguments – Energy Crossroads
6-8Earth Science - Water is Life - The Earth's Hydrosphere and Its Impact on Living Systems
NEW7-12Highways Block Bighorn Sheep
NEW8Research to Make A Point
NEW8The Constitution – A Set of Guiding Principles or a Group of Laws?

Units for Grades 9-12

NEW7-12Highways Block Bighorn Sheep
NEW9-10Writing Effective Research Papers – All Content Areas
9-12Primary Source Exemplar—Nutrition and Human Rights
11-12Colony Collapse Disorder and an Analysis of Honey Bee Colony Numbers