The NEW Connecticut Arts Standards
On October 5, 2016 the Connecticut State Board of Education approved the adoption of the new Connecticut Arts Standards. This website provides the standards, the anchor standards, model cornerstone assessments, sample student artworks and customizable handbooks.

Position Statement on the Implementation of the Connecticut Arts Standards Adopted October 5, 2016: This position statement articulates the lens through which to view the national standards and provides guidance for implementation.

Understanding/Implementing CT Core Standards in the Classroom

General Overview of the Common Core State Standards

Connections between the arts and CCSS fall into three general categories:

  • Basic: Communicating through language (reading/writing, listening/speaking) about the arts, using the Tier 3 vocabulary (aka, Academic language) of the arts.
  • Intermediate: Interpreting and conveying the meaning of language within the arts – such as by reading and interpreting the text of a play, film, or song – to enhance the effectiveness of artistic communication.
  • Advanced: Communicating through the arts, both as creator/performer and as interpreter of artistic work. When the arts are approached as forms of text, many CCSS standards apply to the arts.

Common Core State Standards

Common Core Implementation for All Students

Student artwork exhibit
Students from North Street School in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, exhibited their artwork at the 360 Federal Credit Union in town. Congratulations to art teacher Claudia Triggs and all of her students!

Classroom Integration Resources
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