Kindergarten: Retelling Familiar Stories that Include Key Details


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(Scroll down to Exemplary Lessons and click. Then, scroll down to select Kindergarten: Literary)


Reading Informational Text

RI.K.2 With prompting and support, identify the main topic and retell key details of a text.


This Kindergarten lesson plan titled “Retelling Familiar Stories that Include Key Details” is from the Delaware Department of Education website with an estimated ELA/Literacy instructional time of three days. The emphasis of this lesson is for students to learn how the main topic can help them retell key details. Ongoing formative assessments examine how well individual students with prompting and support are able to identify the key details after a story has been read to them and retell a story that includes key details. In the summative assessment, students’ draw/write key details and retell a story of their choice.


Connecticut teachers should be cautioned that the formative assessment prompts that are in this lesson do not include Common Core-aligned scoring rubrics or assessment guidelines for interpreting student performance.  The lesson plan indicates only one targeted standard for informational reading; however, students are involved in speaking, listening and writing activities as well. It is not clear if students who are ELL or who have disabilities are provided with the necessary scaffolding to meet the targeted standard.


The lesson plan is a useful example of how to include a progression of learning where concepts, knowledge, and skills advance and deepen over time. The lesson addresses instructional expectations and is easy to understand and use. The varied classroom activities cultivate student interest and engagement in reading and speaking about text.