On-Demand Systems of Professional Learning – Module 5 – ELA

Module 5: Looking at Student Work and Engaging Students in the Learning Process
  • Learn and practice protocols for collaboratively looking at student work and using data to inform instruction.
  • Learn the importance of student goal setting and feedback and become familiar with related practices.
  • Know protocols, practices, and strategies for student engagement in CCS ELA & Literacy-aligned instruction.
  • Better understand how to support English Language Learners in CCS ELA & Literacy instruction.
  • Understand the purpose of Connecticut Classroom Look-Fors and use it to observe CCS-aligned lessons.
  • Review and expand knowledge of principles, protocols, and strategies for working with adult learners around topics related to CCS ELA &Literacy.
  • Collaboratively plan for sharing key components of all modules in CT Systems of Professional Learning within schools and districts.