On-Demand Systems of Professional Learning – Module 1 – Math

Module 1: Focus on Practice Standards
  • Gain an initial understanding of the CCS-Math and the embedded changes and instructional shifts.
  • Explore all eight of the Standards for Mathematical Practice and identified how they are related.
  • Explore how practices can be clustered and examine the reasons why Practice 1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them and Practice 6: Attend to precision are considered the two “umbrella” standards that describe the habits of mind of successful mathematical thinkers.
  • Identify evidence of the practices, with focus on Practices 1 and 6, in CCS-aligned mathematics tasks.
  • Discuss descriptors for all eight practices, and create formal grade level descriptions for Practice 1 and Practice 6.
  • Explore how specific instructional strategies (e.g., questioning, engaging students in mathematical discourse, and requiring multiple representations) can help students meet major learning goals.
  • Identify relevant resources for implementing the CCS-Math and create a peer support network.
  • Identify ways in which coaches will share information with teachers and provide support as teachers make changes to their instructional practice.