TeachFest Connecticut: Summer Academy – Math

The materials below will guide you through the process and provide supporting resources for engaging in an analysis of an instructional task.

Task Analysis Examples

Sources for Tasks
  • illustrativemathematics.org: Illustrative Mathematics provides mathematical tasks, task solutions, and commentary on how the tasks illustrate content standards. The site also provides a fractions progression module as wells as videos and vignettes illustrating the Mathematical Practices.
  • illuminations.nctm.org: Illuminations is a project designed by NCTM. The site has 600 lesson plans and over 100 activities including manipulatives, applets, and games. Lessons and activities are searchable by content standard.
  • www.mathalicious.com: Mathalicious provides middle school and high school teachers with lessons that help them teach math in a way that engages their students–in a way that helps students explore the math behind real world topics. Each Mathalicious lesson contains information on which content standards are covered in the lesson as well as the Mathematical Practice Standards Lessons address several standards to address more math in less time. The site offers some lessons for free and offers a pay-what- you-can pay subscription option for individual teachers to access the full library of lessons.
  • www.yummymath.com: Yummy Math provides teachers and students with mathematical tasks relevant to our world today. The site has a collection of tasks for grades 3-High school searchable by domain and by content standards. Tasks can be downloaded for free, and task solutions, teacher tips, and relevant attachments are accessible with a $16 annual membership fee.
  • http://balancedassessment.concord.org: The Balanced Assessment in Mathematics Program was developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The site has a library of over 300 innovative mathematics assessment tasks for grades K to 12, available at no cost.
  • http://map.mathshell.org/materials/index.php: The Mathematics Assessment Project provides formative assessment lessons focused on developing math concepts and non-routine problems solving. The lessons are designed to make student knowledge and reasoning visible, and help teachers to guide students in how to improve and monitor their progress.
  • Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Tasks: Dan Meyer has created a spreadsheet on which he has listed the Three Acts of many math tasks addressing high school and some middle school content standards. In this spreadsheet, a common question is posed based on Act One and then Acts Two and Three are based on that question. The tasks and related materials are available for free.