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Connecticut State Department of Education – 2014-2015 SRBI Survey

Message from the Commissioner

The Common Core State Standards, adopted by Connecticut’s State Board of Education in 2010, provide teachers, students and families with expectations and explanations of what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. These clearer, fewer and higher standards will prepare students to meet the demands of 21st Century careers and the challenges of college. This website is devoted to providing Connecticut educators, families and community members with valuable and accurate information as well as concrete supports such as:

  • Parent-, student- and community-friendly materials to learn more about the Common Core State Standards,
  • Resources for professional development and learning,
  • Model units and lessons and standards-aligned classroom materials, and
  • Program models to assist leaders and educators in their transition to the new standards.

This website will serve as a dynamic and active place of learning for educators, students and families. As we work together to strengthen public education in Connecticut and to ensure the success of every child, we invite you to share your own exemplars of student, classroom, school and district resources that are aligned to our new standards. We look forward to finding more and more ways to support you going forward.
Stefan Pryor

Photo of Commissioner Stephan Pryor